Where do I find Storyline 2 character bundle download?

Aug 17, 2015

My boss just handed me my license codes for Storyline 2 and Replay. There's also a license code for Character Bundle. Along side my IT prof right now attempting install. All systems go for Storyline 2 and Replay. Don't know where or when I will get prompted for character bundle. Would like to proactively make it happen now since the IT administrator is right here, right now. He holds all the power over my installs you see. Any suggestions or guidance on what to do?



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Walt Hamilton

Get 8 character packs with 1,100+ total poses—for free.
Buy Articulate Storyline 2 or Articulate Studio ’13 now to get a free Volume 1 Character Bundle. Each character pack in the bundle includes more than 140 high-resolution poses. To get the character bundle, follow the access instructions in your product activation email.

Special through 8/31

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Doug - Additional character packs for perpetual licenses of Storyline and Studio are no longer available for purchase. For full access to our ever-expanding Content Library of characters and other gorgeous course assets, check out Articulate 360.

As for your current license, not sure if you are saying you purchased character bundles as  well, but our Customer Care team is the best to help track that down for you. I'd suggest connecting with them here.  

Tim Esteva

Hi Leslie, 

So you're saying that when buying the perpetuel licence to stotyline 3 does not give access to more content than what's already included ?

I just bought storyline 3 perpetual licence and the characters included don't look good enough for the use i need (professional). Is it me not finding how to download the packs or i am really meant to additionaly buy these ?


thanks for your help !


Leslie McKerchie

Hello Tim and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

You are correct. We no longer sell individual character packs. Storyline 3 comes with 40 classic-illustrated characters and one photographic character.

If you purchased character packs or bundles in the past, those characters will also work with Storyline 3. 

If you want access to our expanding library of more than 100,000 combinations of characters, expressions, and poses, check out Articulate 360. It includes our ever-expanding Content Library and the latest version of Storyline.

I do know that there are some conversations within the community, like here, and you may be able to find some resources to use.

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