Where is "Text" when setting up hover over text

Feb 13, 2023

I am creating a trigger to show layer when user hovers over text in a paragraph. When I try to set it up, it only shows "Object".  How do I get "text"?


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Luciana Piazza

Got it! My apologies for the confusion on my end. Happy to help you with this!

If I understand correctly, you'd like to have the layer appear when the user hovers over the paragraph text. Was that what you were looking to achieve? 

I've gone ahead and created a sample .story file to replicate the behavior on your end. 

Here is what I did:

  1. I inserted a paragraph of text with a Text Box
  2. I went and inserted a Slide Layer to the project. (For an easier visual of where in the course you are, I simply inserted a shape that says Layer). 
  3. After that, this is how I set up my trigger on the base slide: 

    • All you need to do is change the action to show layer on your end and the when to user hovers over

Here is a quick look at the functionality in a Peek video. 

Attached you'll find my sample .story file as well.

Let me know if you have any questions. I hope this helps! 

Daniela Slater

Hi Joe,

I don't understand. I selected a word but the selection was removed when I tried to create a trigger. Also, I want to select a word within a paragraph and then have a popup to define that word when the user hovers over the word.

I need a step by step because I still can't see how the word "Text" shows up in the trigger.


Steven Benassi

Hi Daniela!

It sounds like you are trying to select one word from a group of text and have it trigger a pop-up text box. I’d be happy to help!

This video I recorded walks you through the steps on how to achieve that.

Please let me know if this worked for you or if you have any more questions!

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