Where to go after a question bank?

Jul 07, 2016

I'd like to know how to tell Articulate where to go once it's done with a random draw from a question bank. How can it go to the "Next" slide if all the questions slides are randomly selected? I have a result slide set up, but it's not going to it.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nancy! I'm not sure I'm following your question. You put a results slide for this question bank in a new scene? 

Have you tried the solution to see if that works for you? Sounds like it may with your set-up. 

Please feel free to share your .story file if you need further assistance so I can better understand.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Melinda,

Thanks for sharing your file! 

I tested this as well and noted that the results slide no longer had the linking trigger in Story view you'll see it in comparison to this set up here: 


Your original is on the left, and one newly created is on the right. That trigger can be deleted pretty easily by accident if your right click on the arrow in between linking them. 

I tried importing your course into a new .story file to see if it would recreate the trigger and that worked, except upon preview and publish the file gets to the last question and then the loading icon/wheel spinner appears and it gets stuck. 

Can you tell me a bit more about how you created this course, i.e. Storyline version, working from local project files vs. a network/shared drive? It looks like you may need to recreate that section in a new .story file to resolve the behavior. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tim,

I've seen that occur when folks aren't using the built in navigation buttons, and have set up master slides with the trigger. In that scenario, the question bank slides are not entirely sure what is the next slide/scene to jump to. Does that match your set up? You could always put in a final blank slide in your question bank (lock it to the end) and set a trigger on that slide to automatically jump to slide X upon timeline start. 

R. Eric Smith

Ashley, I'm having the same type of problem.

I can't attach my story due to NDA agreements, but here's the gist: I'm making an exam with two question banks. If the user fails the first exam (version A), then the Failure layer of the Results slide has a link to the second exam (version B). Because those who pass version A aren't required to take version B, I removed the Prev & Next buttons from the Results slide. Both exams are 40 questions each.

Problem is, when I test in Preview, the 39th question becomes stuck, and won't advance to the next question. If I restore the Prev & Next buttons to the Results slide, the exam works fine. I tried your suggestion of inserting a locked blank slide as the last question, but I'm still getting the same bug. It's not even getting to the final blank slide.

Maybe I can hide the Prev & Next buttons? I'll see if that's possible.

Modassar Warsi

The point is that Submit button has an in-built trigger to jump to the Next slide. So, you do not need additional trigger to jump to the Result slide if your Result slide is the slide next to the slide where you have drawn after your Question Bank.

However, one of the probable mistake can be adding multiple Result slides during development and then deleting all but one for finalizing your module. Every Result slide comes with a set of 4 triggers.

Just check that in your final version you are only using variable: Result.xyz  and not Result1.xyz/Result2.xyz

This is mainly from the purview where the question slides do not have feedback involved.

Debra Bretches

I'm having a similar issue with the last question in my question bank not advancing to the results slide. I've tried inserting a blank slide and also changing the trigger to go directly to the results slide. I've even deleted and recreated all the question bank slides. Nothing seems to fix the problem.