White background on imported animations isn't white

Aug 29, 2014

Hi Forum!

When importing an animation made in Camtasia (ver 2 for Mac) i ten times out of ten use white
backgrund for enable a good look and impression of the animation evolving from the white backgrund
i use on the slide.

I run Storyline on a MacBook Pro but within Parallels on Windows 7 Pro

When publishing and/or previewing I find that the background of the animation isn't white at all but

have a somewhat slightly light greyish color. R 252 G 252 B 252

Se enclosed screendump


Is it Storyline?

Is it Camtasia?

I have looked thoroughly in my settings in camtasia and that background is pure white.

I have also tried to change the background of my Storyline project to match the background
of my animations - but the result isn't satisfying.

Any suggestions?

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