Why does Articulate 2 TinCan prepend responses with http:// ?

Apr 27, 2015

Here's an example of an Articulate 1 TinCan response :


=> {"actor"=>nil,




   "contextActivities"=>{"parent"=>{"id"=>"5YQtM2w9GmB_course_id"}, "grouping"=>{"id"=>"5YQtM2w9GmB_course_id"}}},



   "definition"=>{"name"=>{"und"=>""}, "type"=>"Course", "description"=>{"und"=>""}}}}


And here is your TinCan response from Articulate 2 :

=> {"version"=>"1.0.0",




    {"grouping"=>{"id"=>"http://6pjhqdKMEmV_course_id"}, "parent"=>{"id"=>"http://6pjhqdKMEmV_course_id"}}},





Whats the purpose of prepending http:// ? Looks like a bug to me. Equally, why is Articulate 2 and TinCan not backwards compatible? You're making dev teams around the world bend over backwards to catch up to your changes. I can't even imagine how many LRS' you broke around the world with these changes.

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