Why does the final score always show 100% on the attached file?

Apr 21, 2015

Could anybody take a look at the attached 18 question quiz to find out why the results slide always shows 100% score regardless of how many mistakes I make? I've tried making lots of mistakes, but the score always shows 100%. Thanks.

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Michael Shannon

Hey Manuel, the way you have it set up now each question only records correct answers. As you have it, if you click on an incorrect response you give the user another chance to fix it. In fact you cannot continue to the next slide/question unless you get it correct.  In other words you want to go to the next question as soon as the learner clicks an answer in order to record incorrect responses.

If you want to record only the first response and move on, using your existing file, go to the options for each question and change the Feedback from By Question to none. Then add a trigger to each of your wrong objects to show layer Blank when user clicks. This way, each time the user clicks on an object, correct or incorrect, it will record the first response and you'll move to the next question. 

If you want your users to see what answers they got wrong you can always check allow user to review quiz in the results slide properties.

There are other ways to fix this but I thought the simplest was the better solution.  

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