Why HTML5 Page Size didn't Self-adapted

Jan 12, 2015

I used "include HTML5 output" when publishing the course. But the story_html5.html file didn't self-adapt its page size when viewed in Chrome on PC. Strangly, it could self-adjust on my iPhone, but couldn't on Andriod phone and PC.

Why did this happen? I thought it's a basic function for HTML5. I need it to self-adjust page size on any device. Is there anything I can do to make it work?  

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Lily Wang

Sorry I couldn't upload anything in company intranet for information security reasons. I just started researching this software and didn't do anything on my own. It's a demo file I downloaded somewhere. I just wonder is there any parameter I could change while publishing? It's hardly mentioned in tutorial. 

One more question, it did self-adapted on my iPhone, however when I change the screen into landscape orientation, the display didn't change accordingly. And I couldn't zoom it with my finger. Anything I could do?

It'll be appreciated if you could attach a file which works fine, so I can give it a try. Thank you so much for your reply.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lily!

Check out this course:


To view Articulate Storyline content on an iPhone, include HTML5 output when publishing, then launch the course in mobile Safari. See this article for more information.

HTML5 output doesn't support gestures, such as pinch-to-zoom or swipe, on mobile devices.

Articulate Storyline lets you publish courses for Flash, HTML5, and the Articulate Mobile Player app. To distribute your published content, upload it to your web server or LMS, then link to the story.html file in the published output. Here’s how Storyline determines which version of your content to display when learners view it.

Lily Wang

Thank you, Leslie. I tested this one, and it works better than my demo. A few more questions,

1. Works totally fine on iPhone. But when watched on Android Phone, it could't display accordingly when I change the phone into landscape orientation. 

2. I'm going to use it mainly for developing mobile courses, If HTML5 output doesn't support gestures, do I have any other options? It's a basic function of mobile courses, right? Why didn't build it into HTML5 output?

3. AMP is only available on tablets, not on phones?

Thanks again.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lily!

I do not have an Android phone to test on, does it meet our System Requirements for Android as specified here?

I would encourage you to submit a feature request here on that feature usage. I'm not sure if something in this thread may be of assistance to you in regards to utilizing zoom functionality. 

You are correct. The Articulate Mobile Player is only available on tablets.


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