Why is there no "Operator" field in trigger wizard?

I've been trying to create a toggle button in Storyline 360 and have been trying to follow instructions on how to do this, for example, here: https://community.articulate.com/articles/create-an-e-learning-toggle-button

I created the True/False variable, but when I create the trigger with the action "Adjust variable", the Operator field does not appear

I this because this article is old and things are done in a different way now?

Thanks in advance

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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hey Graham! I see Walt popped in to help here but if you need anything else, Tom did a quick demo on toggles in this Quick Tips: https://training.articulate.com/webinars/quick-tips-and-tricks-episode-55 - there's a link right to his section below the video, and beneath the video on the right side is a source file containing his toggles he creates.