Why the text entry field is not working properly?

Dear community

I need you help to debug this as I am not able to find out the reason and my  deadline is closing...

I build a text entry filed quiz from scratch using the variables and triggers, please see my attached file. When user enter the 94 or 94% in the 94-95 field, the correct feedback will comes out, the Next button appears, otherwise the Incorrect feedback is given, the Back button will appear to clear the wrong entry.

I made the Back button shown and Next button hidden as button initial state, if the entry is correct, the Next button will be shown and Back button is hiden.

I have the problem that the Back button is not hidden and Next button is not shown when my answer  is correct, however, it only works fine when I enter the same right answer in the same field at the second time. 

I shuffled the order of the triggers but still not working.

Anyone could give me a suggestion?

Thanks a lot!

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Joe Zhou

Hi Wendy

Thanks for your prompt response. I don't have any luck.

The feedback is not working this time either. ( It used to work).  As the condition set up, I think we still need to define the TextEntry17,TextEntry18 and TextEntry15 as blank.

The correct answer is when either 94 or 94% are in the 94-95 field, and the rest of fields are blank, when submitted, the next button should appear and back button be hiden, the correct feedback pop out.