Widget: Stop Sounds

There's currently a bug in the Storyline player that will allow multiple sounds to play at once if you have different tracks in a particular layer or base layer when you hit the rewind button. The best way around this is to merge your audio tracks into a single file before importing but this isn't always practical.

Here's how you replicate the problem:

1) Pause your timeline with the seekbar's pause button in the middle of the second track on your timeline.

2) Hit replay.

3) Bask in the stacked track playback.

Here's how to fix the problem if you need to maintain separate audio tracks:

1) Make sure your first audio piece doesn't start on the first frame. Delay it about a half a second or more. It's a pretty good practice anyway. If you butt the audio up against the first frame of the timeline, this widget will stop that sound too.

2) Import the Flash file that's attached to this post and place it at the first frame or in the first frame of your Slide Master. You can place this off of your stage area.

3) Now the player won't play multiple files at once.

Hope this helps someone else until the player gets a fix

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