Will articulate storyline presentations work on school smartboards or whiteboards?

Dec 15, 2019

Hello, does anyone know if articulate storyline presentations will work on a school smartboard or whiteboard?

I am thinking of publishing to the CD option within Storyline 3, so it downloads the storyline presentation onto the teacher's computer or laptop and they can use the launcher in the zip file to play the presentation.

Would love to know if this will work - and if there are any possible limitations. Many thanks :)

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Andres Miller

Looks like you got your answer already but I'll just add that my experience has been that it's best to just think of SmartBoards as just a giant touchscreen monitor. However, if you were hoping that the teachers will be able to "mark up" a course as they go through it, the results are a little more complicated. The SmartBoard technology relies on the "Smart" software or on something like Microsoft Ink.

So, the simple answer is yes it will work, but your best bet (if possible) is to create a sample course and go launch it on a SmartBoard to see if you can achieve the specific use that you envision.


TL:DR If you want simple course playback/interaction, no worries. If you wanted SmartBoard specific markup features to work while the course is running it's best to just try it out if you can.

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