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Ren Gomez

Hi Ray,

That’s odd that your wipe animation is delayed a few seconds! I tested it and recorded a video of what I'm seeing. 

Since your timeline is set correctly to allow for the animation, do you mind sharing your file to see if I can replicate the issue? If you'd rather not share it publicly, you can send your file to me privately here. I'll delete it when I'm done testing.

ray laurencelle

I found that my problem was not obvious but now is clear. 

Long explanation:

I'm working with a 1280 pixel wide base image where small changes in the image are overlaid when a button is clicked.  I want the smaller images to wipe on from the left.  The changes must be registered exactly to the base image, so I have these smaller images in a 1280 pixel wide image that is transparent except for the visible part I want to show.  Sine it is positioned to the far right of the 1280 area it takes longer for the wipe animation to reach the visible image and so it seems there is a delay in the wipe and the visible image is wiping faster than 3 seconds (because it's near the end).  It will take longer for me to measure and position smaller images using X-Y positioning (versus aligning 1280 overlays at 0,0) but that is what I'll have to do.

Thanks for your offer to help.