With Universal Analytics being retired in 2023, does anyone have any solutions to tracking usage through Google Analytics?

Apr 18, 2022

Google has announced that they will be retiring their Universal Analytics and replacing it with Google Analytics 4.

I'm on the cusp of creating a learning module that I would like to track with google analytics using the advice that I found on this form (similar to the advice found on this page).

I was wondering, once UA codes have been retired, will this coding still work as it seems to be built with the UA number not a GA number? 

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Ladd Skelly

I just completed a module for my church with Storyline 3. They would like to track page views. I have used Google Analytics Universal in the past with help from this resource and other sources. However, everything has changed with the rollout of GA 3. I am unable to use the same javascript and tags. Can someone please tell me how to complete this task with GA3? Thank you.