Word Game Project to Share

Not too long ago a challenge was started that was stopped because some people did not feel comfortable with the topic. I looked at that and realized the game everyone was building on could be done in a more positive way.

I am sharing the idea here with the details and images on my blog. Basically it is a word game where the player gets a clue and then clicks letters to build the word. I tried to make this project so it could be used as a template. While this is a musical theme, you could easily change the slide backgrounds to say a medical theme and then use clues for medical words. You should be able to add lines as needed to make new words. You can also make the project larger to accommodate really loooooooooooooooong words.

The first slide contains all of the states, elements, triggers, and layers needed to make other slides.

Duplicate the first slide to begin and follow these steps:

1.       Rename the file for the Instrument. For this example, trombone.

2.       Change the Text boxes with the underline to the name trombone.

3.       If there are extra letters, highlight the text box and push space bar to leave the box but delete the letter. This also leaves the boxes for future instruments

4.       Rewrite the description at the top. Be sure to change the number of mistakes. In this case, use 6 since the word is 8 letters long.

5.       Change the Show Layer Incorrect Trigger to 6.

6.       Change the Show layer Correct to the letters T R O M B O N E and uncheck all other letters.

The full instructions are on the attachment or you can go to my blog.

Click for a demonstration of the Musical Word Game.

Click Storyline file to download the file.

I hope people discover this post and that it helps them create their own game. It can be as simple or as complex as you want.

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