Workflow for Camtasia with Captions (to Storyline)

Sep 23, 2020

Hello. I record my audio with Camtasia for Windows and am adding captions. I was using the Mac version, but got the Windows version for the more automated captioning functionality. Once edited (also with a little help from Audacity), I export both the audio and caption files into Storyline. That's all working great!

My question is around the workflow for actually writing up the script. Can anyone who also uses Camtasia for Windows with captions recommend how to type out the script so that it (1) is clear which slide each script is for; and (2) is the best way to format it to paste into or export to Camtasia?

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William Ryan

Hi there, I use Camtasia in Storyline a lot. I found that it is better to produce the video and audio as separate files. The narrated audio is in the Camtasia project, but when I export, I export the video without audio and then the audio only as a .m4a file. Since they are both the same length they are easy to synchronize in the Storyline project. I do it this way because 1) the way to add captions in Storyline is easier than Camtasia and 2) the captions in Camtasia look different than Storyline - so doing it in only one makes the project look more consistent.