Workflow for doctored screen recording

I’m new to producing screen recordings in Storyline. I want to produce a segment that works in both Try mode and Test mode. I need to “doctor” the segment significantly from what actually happens on my computer. There are 3 alternatives workflows: 1) produce both versions separately so they match, 2) produce the “Try” version first and modify that by adding “Test” capabilities, or 3) do "Test" version first and modifiy it to "Try." Which workflow is going to be better?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi John,

I don't know that there is an easy answer here - both Try mode and Test mode have different options that are automatically created when you insert in the recordings. I guess, maybe Test mode - as then it would create all your feedback layers as well? After you fix the text mode version, you'll be able to insert the original recording again in Try mode (in a new scene if you'd like) and then you could copy over the elements that you've fixed. This tutorial on inserting and then editing screen recordings is a good place to start. 

Phil Mayor

Last time I had to doctor a screen recording I had to do a combination of things, I recorded it twice, first time I dint get everything I wanted.

I then used parts f both recording, overlaid images edited mouse pointers I even had to create a fake website using images.

The aim was to do a search through a search engine that went to a fake website, but I also needed the search pages to be doctored.

I was a lot of work and I had to use different tricks and smoke and mirrors.