working with check boxes

I have a list of options for students to choose.  Adjacent each option are two check boxes - yes or no.  I want the students to select one or more of the check boxes before being allowed to click the button to view the hidden layer.

I'm having a problem because I can create triggers to force the students to at least check one box before revealing the hidden layer  but I can't get the trigger right so that when they finally push the 'reveal' button the layer appears.

I've tried attaching my file to this discussion but for whatever reason the platform won't accept my attachment.

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Walt Hamilton

Using states in the "When" part of triggers can be tricky (as you noticed), for a lot of different reasons. For example this trigger:


actually says: "Show the layer when a checkbox is clicked (becomes Selected), if Button 1 is already Selected." try it. Click the Vicki
Button, then a checkbox, and it works.

It's much easier to understand, and works better to put the learner's action in the 'When" part of the trigger. In this case, "Show layer when learner clicks Vicki Button, if Box 1 is Selected, OR Box 2 is Selected, OR etc.


Check the attached story.