Working with Number Variables Trigger Question


I'm watching one of the wonderful Storyline tutorial webinars - Working with Number Variables - and cannot make sense of this Trigger:


A little context: You want the learner to find 2 red macaroon cookies within 4 clicks. 

I'm totally fine with creating the Found variable and using a trigger to adjust it by +1 when the user clicks one of the red macaroon cookies. My confusion is the Condition.

The way I'm interpreting the Condition (and the way it seems to be explained in the webinar) is that Storyline will +1 to the Found variable only IF the correct cookie's state is not Visited, meaning it's Normal and hasn't been clicked on. 

Wouldn't you +1 to the Found variable if the state is equal to Visited, meaning it's been found?

The kicker here is the trigger works in the webinar! Surely I'm wrong since it worked. What do I not understand here? 


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Michael Hinze

I don't have access to the source file, but from your description the trigger condition makes sense to me. You want to add 1 to the variable only when at the moment of clicking on the object, it is not in Visited state yet. This ensures that 1 is added only the first time the object is clicked (otherwise you could 'cheat" by repeatedly clicking the same object and increase the variable).