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Sharon FultonBevers

Hi Christine,

I will try to implement what you've suggested, but after reading it several times I still don't understand. 

I Have a map of New Zealand, where we have many small towns. Will they be able to click anywhere on the map or only on a few places? We want to make this a bi-cultural exercise and have them put their tribal area/town if they wish. Where are you from in Maori terms means I want to know your tribe, family spiritual background and how I may be connected to them, as well as the European interpretation of just a geographical place. 

Is there a tutorial that best fits your 'display a prompt layer with prompt field' and 'text variable'?

Thank you so much!


Mike Taylor

Hi Sharon, one other thing to consider might be using something like a collaborative Google Map in a web object. If you set the map for "anyone can edit" they could each add their own location and they would all be created on a single group map.

Here is some info on setting it up with Google Maps: https://support.google.com/maps/answer/144365?hl=en