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Jan 20, 2014

Hi ,

I am trying to zoom into a specific area on a png file. I have no problems selection, inserting and making it do basically what I want .

The problem I have is the image area I need to zoom to is more rectangular than square and I cant seem to find any way to make the zoom are rectangular.

Is it possible to do this?

Your help would be appreciated with this.



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Steve Flowers

Hi Mike - 

The zoom area is set to the same proportions as the Story size. If the zoom area were to change to a different proportion, the resulting image would be stretched or squished. Think about a movie. If your wide screen movies resized to fit an old TV, everyone would superhumanly tall and thin.

Just like they do with movies, one way to work around this if you want to highlight a specific area is to use the frame shape. You can use this to create  a letterboxed area around your focus. So when you zoom in you see a black block on top / bottom or the sides of your focus area. 

Steve Flowers

Here's an example of what I described above. Another option is illustrated in slide 2 of this example. This uses the zoom image feature. This feature adds an icon and "zooms in" to the image when clicked. I made a crop of the underlying image at a higher resolution and saved as... with the dimensions I wanted. Then I rescaled the image, placed atop the background image, faded the image transparency to 100% and added a hover stroke. 


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