2E Educational Services(Nigeria) is seeking a partnership

Feb 04, 2012

2E Educational Services is seeking a partnership firm with a highly experience eLearning Development Company abroad. We are seeking the partnership to increase the scope of our business and tap into the potential market of the most populous country in Africa. The intending firm/individual partner should have a relative experience in rapid elearning development particular with articulate studio, project design and implementations and must be willing to share it credentials/portfolios with us. If any interested firm/partner should email me @ info@2enigeria.com or call +2348060790674. Thanks very much

Showemimo Adebare Fawole

CEO/Cheif E-Learning Expert

2E Educational Services

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El Burgaluva

It's a sad state of affairs, I know. And what I'm about to say shouldn't be seen as a slight on the OP...

[Mods: Obviously you'll remove this post if you feel it's inappropriate in any way. I'd just like to underscore that my intent is not to be controversial or insulting.]

...it's just that Nigeria -- in particular -- doesn't exactly have the most sparkling reputation in terms of online business activity.

I won't be reaching out to get on board this opportunity, personally, but if I were, I'd want a very clear definition of what is meant by:

must be willing to share it credentials/portfolios with us.

I assume it means you need to show your portfolio (to prove what you can do) and demonstrate you have appropriate credentials.

Best of luck with the initiative/project, Showemimo.


P.S. Don't know what's up with that huge gap in the formatting there.   ???

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