3 Part SAM - Alpha, Beta, Gold - What to expect in each step?

Nov 09, 2017

Hello all. I am in the process of trying to move my team from a very linear ADDIE approach to a more SAM-like model. Arguments aside, I would like to present it in a 3-phase prototype style. Let's assume adequate analysis, storming and content gathering.

If you were going to run 3 versions, an alpha, beta and gold rollout. What characteristics should be/not be in each?

Example: let's say I am creating a training for a fast food cashier to work the new computer ordering system. Stakeholders have a thought but haven't seen the "vision"

What would you put in your three steps?

Alpha: (25%) rudimentary layout, standardize fonts, image concepts, placements?

Beta: (75%) semi-finished to finished images, videos, fx, quiz content in place, first voice overs?

Gold: (100%) final content, fully vetted for accuracy, studio quality visuals, fx, sound?


I would very much appreciate your take! Thanks!!

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Nicole Legault

Hi Brian!

Thanks for coming to the community with your question. Sounds like you're looking to be a little bit more Agile in terms of your e-learning dev workflow (here's an article I wrote about how to apply the principles of agile to e-learning development, in case you're interested!)

In the past when I've worked at large organizations where we did big e-learning/system implementations we usually had an Alpha, Beta, and a Pilot. The Alpha would typically include  everything. The Beta would be where we'd implement the changes requested from the Alpha. The Pilot would have the updates/edits from Beta and be tested in a real environment with a small group of actual users. 

That might not work best when trying to do an agile dev process however... I'd love to hear from others in the community who have done large scale projects with various levels of course deliverables.

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