508/accessibility Pick one option question

Dec 29, 2020


I have a quick that doesn't have a submit button but rather the quiz submits when the learner clicks one of the answer choices.  However, in the screen reader, pushing the down arrow on the answer choices submits the answer choice rather than selecting the answer choice.  So the learner can't scroll through the answer buttons.

Is it possible to have a pick-one quiz with not submit and still be accessible?


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Elizabeth Kuhlmann

Hi Jay! This is a great question. I'd caution against trying to find a workaround for this based on accessibility guidelines! Something you'll want to consider when it comes to accessibility with quiz questions is: is the user able to review and potentially correct their choice prior to submitting? One criterion in the WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines is around "error prevention" and essentially states that there should be a mechanism for reviewing, confirming, and having the ability to correct information before finalizing a submission.

Having a submit button or some way to keyboard navigate through all choices (and revisit them) prior to submission works better for users with motor disabilities, who may hit keys by mistake. You might consider setting up a separate quiz for your keyboard-only users! I hope that helps!

Sally Wiedenbeck

What Elizabeth said, except you should allow all users (not just keyboard only users) the ability to review an answer before submitting - this is an important accessibility concern for people with cognitive or learning disabilities as well. The best thing accessibility wise would be to switch to the built-in pick one with the submit button.

Jennifer Munro

Hi Jay, being able to review and check answers is universally good, not just for accessibility.  People often do elearning on the run, on buses/trains, in a few minutes between meetings etc and many people are quite click happy now, so its easy to click on the first 'seemingly' correct answer.  I do it too, and then realise that I did not read the question correctly or that the question was intended to trick me.  (Bad learning/quiz design I know, but it is still done).   Reviewing all the choices again adds to my learning, giving an opportunity to question myself and my confidence in my answer before clicking submit.