A central repository solution for Visual assets and source code

Aug 03, 2016

I recently started working with an eLearning company. One of the projects I am working on for the company is to find and set up a cloud based central storage system for their visual assets and source code - a central repository as it were. Basically we are looking for a central storage solution (we currently use Dropbox and Google Drive) but to work with something that allows us to assign multiple tags to all of our files. The idea is that it would allow us to find and retrieve files much quicker and would promote better sharing of work and collaboration to our design team, who are based in different countries across Europe.

By any chance, does anyone know of an application or solution that could handle this ? I am trying not to reinvent the wheel as they say so if a solution already exists, that would be great.

Appreciate any help or direction you can give me on this.




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