Accessing external link from Storyline on iPad

Okay Heroes, here is my dilemma.  I have a course on an iPad that has links to some external PDF documents.  I am using the Articulate Player app too.  I want the learner to be able to open the PDF from the link in SL, print off the document and then return to the SL course.

The link works fine.  I click on it and the new browser window opens with my PDF.  My module is on the left and the PDF opens in a new tab on the right.

However, when I close the PDF tab, I now see the following:

The only way I can get back to the course is to close this tab and relaunch from the Articulate player.  I want it so that when they close the PDF window they are right where they left off in the SL course.  Is this possible?  If so, how can I make it work?  Do I need to add some Javascript or is there a setting I'm missing?



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Jeanette Brooks

Hey David! Are you still having trouble with this? It seems like this would've only happened initially if the user hadn't yet downloaded the Articulate Mobile Player app (or they perhaps still had their browser window open from when they DID download the app). What seems to have occurred is, when you first launched the course, the Articulate Mobile Player wasn't yet installed on your ipad - so a Mobile Safari browser window appeared, with the message about downloading the app (screenshot 2 above). Once the course opened from within the player and you opened the link to the external pdf, the pdf opened in a new Mobiel Safari browser window - but the FIRST browser window (the one with the message about downloading the player) was also still open (screenshot 1 above). So, when you close the PDF window, the initial message about the Articulate Mobile Player is what's left on the screen. To get back to the course (which should actually still be open in the Articulate Mobile Player), you can double-tab the menu button on your ipad to see your currently open apps, and when you select the AMP, the course will be there.

Does that help? If not, do feel free to submit a support case and we can take a deeper look at what's going on & help you out.