ADA Mode Button Title

Hi all,

I am updating an activity for ADA accommodation.  I am creating a menu screen with options "Standard Version" or "ADA Version".

I would like to get thoughts on ADA being used as the button title.  Many Standard Users won't know what it means, and may select it thinking it is something else.  

All I really need are some ideas for how to label the button.  So far we are thinking:

  • ADA Accommodation Version
  • ADA Accessibility Version
  • ADA Accessibility Accommodation Version (this one is too long)
  • Accommodations for Students with Disabilities (I don't love this one)
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Julie Stelter

HI Trevor,

I like Owen's suggestion, except change the hover to a click so that your students who are using touch screens can still access.

However, I would recommend you do not use the words ADA at all or have separate courses: one that is accessible and one that is not. You really should be consulting your legal counsel on this question. Academically, the course you offer needs to be accessible, period. Two versions of a course will raise red flags by your student and/or disability advocates and you place the university at risk legally. 

Furthermore, ADA is the law, not the standard. The University will be measured according to 508 and/or WCAG standards and levels. Better words could be "Accessible Version" while not labeling the inaccessible one at all.

However, any time you give the impression that the accessible version is different from the standard version you'll be subject to legal trouble as well as undermining the education of a student with a disability, which is the true spirit of the law. The accessible version needs to provide the same content (but in a different form) as the inaccessible content. If the content cannot be consumed in an accessible manner, you should not use the content in the course. 

I could go on and on. :)