ADA Requirement

Jun 19, 2017


I'm developing courses in Storyline 2 that need to meet ADA requirements. I'm referring to the Storyline accessibility guide for this and have got it covered for the most part. 

But I received feedback on my courses that on-screen text needs to be an EXACT (word by word) match to the audio in order to meet ADA requirements. I tried looking for some more information on this on multiple websites but could not find anything helpful. So, I've come looking for answers here.  

Can anyone here throw more light on this requirement? If audio and OST need to match EXACTLY, please also help me understand why so?

Note: I'm not referring to slide notes/transcript or closed captions. My question is regarding only the On-screen Text (OST).

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Nicole Legault

Hi Saee

Thanks for posting your question here in the community. Glad to hear the Accessibility e-Book has been helpful for you. 

Ive never heard of the note text having to match word for word the audio in a course. I also looked up ADA requirements and could not find that specific requirement. However that's not to say it's not the case I just can't find anything online that says that.! Perhaps you can ask the person who provided you that feedback to show you where in the ADA legislation it states that it must match word for word...

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