Adjusted Variable Trigger not changing object state

I am hoping someone can help me troubleshoot why my triggers aren't working to change the state of an object, which is based on an adjusted variable trigger (ie change state of car to red when variable 'RedCar' is true).  

- My triggers work fine when both the states car, and the click image car are all on the same slide.  

- However, when the states car is copied to a new slide the adjusted variable trigger no longer triggers the change of state. 

My understanding is that variables work across the course and therefore I assume that if the RedCar variable is triggered to 'True' on one slide, any objects with the 'Change state of car to red if RedCar variable equals True' throughout the course should change. 

I have attached .Story file if anyone can point out my folly, and suggest how to get this to work on multiple slides.

Thanks Christine

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Lewis Brennan

Hi Christine! It looks like you are using a 'When Variable Changes' trigger on the 2nd slide. This would work if the variable updated on the same page, but as its a new page the way to trigger this would be a 'On timeline Start' function, or have a button to reveal the answers.

I'll pop a working version up in a mo, but hopefully that clarifies things a bit?