Advice of teaching a linear process to undergrad students

Hi All

I want to teach a linear process to my undergraduate immunology students. Basically a molecule links to another molecule which generates a product. The product then starts the next step and so on.

I want some advice on how best to do this so that it is educationally sound, interactive and fun for the students.

Any suggestions would be welcomed and if you have examples for me to look at an mirror, that would be great.

Thanks in advance

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Trina Rimmer

Hi Maurizio. Love to hear that you're looking for creative ways to engage your students! Obviously, there are many different ways to teach a linear process, but some ways that could make that material a little more interesting include morphing the process into an interactive drag-and-drop activity like this one or even just using clickable markers with pop-ups full of media or gifs like this one

Hopefully, others will weigh in with their suggestions for you as well!