Alternatives to Skillsoft providing off-the-shelf e-learning

Jul 02, 2014


I am looking for companies who are the major competitors to Skillsoft in the off-the-shelf e-learning course market. The companies should be able to serve the needs of large organisations. Tried googling for data such as market share or major competitors but dint find much success.

Would be great if i could find some help from the group.

Thanks!!! , Manoj.

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Rachel Barnum

Hey Manoj,

I'm not as familiar with SmartTeam or BizLibrary, but I would say the rest of them are. They each have their own business models however.

Udemy & Open Sesame - these serve more like market places where professionals can sell courses. Udemy and Open Sesame do not take part in creating these courses.

SumTotal is more like Skillsoft.

Lynda creates one of a kind, high quality video courses. They were originally aimed at design software (think Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) but have branched out into business, programming, and other products.

What are you looking for?

lara A

Hello Manoj, 

Let me introduce you Gamelearn: Gamelearn develops videogame-based learning courses for soft skills training. Gamelearn products are online, multilingual and can be integrated in your LMS. So they are the prefect solution for multinational companies. 

Take a look at the online brochure

Watch Triskelion and Merchants trailers

Gamelearn website

I hope you find them interesting, 

For more information do not hesitates in contact me

Katie Hurst

Hello Manoj!

As Rachel mentioned, OpenSesame is a marketplace for off-the-shelf elearning courses. We do not create the content, but instead offer an ecommerce platform where quality content providers can sell their courses. We offer more than 20,000 courses in a wide-range of categories. If you have any questions regarding our platform, or how we compare, please let me know!

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