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Feb 16, 2022


Wondering if anyone uses AWS to host courses at the moment, and if you can help me with a caching issue?

I have a Storyline HTML output that I have uploaded to a bucket, and it all works, but if I click refresh or close the page and come back it remembers where I got to. 

I want it to return to the beginning if I close the page and open it again.

I realise this is an AWS caching issue - does anyone know how to correct/fix it so that it doesn't do this?

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Raj  Raj

HI Lizzie,

its not AWS feature, its from your browser cache, even if you run the course on your local server you will be able to find the resume popup.

You can disable this feature from the storyline player settings

go to player settings and select other then on resume option select to "Never Resume".

Update the settings and publish the build, this should fix the current issue