An eLearning that explains system architecture

Jan 07, 2014


Need your help with ideas and inspiration.

An eLearning lesson for programmers about a system’s architecture (servers, databases, etc.). By the end of it, they are expected to be able to describe it, and more important, to describe how to set it up. The set up is process-wise, so the different components should be presented in a certain order. Any ideas or existing examples?

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Lisa Smyser

Because the order of implementation matters (you need the server before the database and the database before the client), it might be fun to present as a relay. Each leg of the relay can be a different color and cover a different architecture element. Then you could do a similar relay as a test and have the learner fill in the details. It would be fun and easier to remember for the learner.

It's not clear from your description how detailed you need to be with it, but that's one idea.

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