Any *bad* eLearning examples?

Nov 29, 2017

Hi all, does anybody have any examples of an incredibly bad eLearning, preferably one with *too much* interactivity/too much going on/too busy, etc.? Looking for a .story file or a template because I need to have the content something specific? You'd be saving me a ton of time.. otherwise I'd have to build a too-complex bad example just to have as a small piece of a bigger training I'm creating!  I'd hate to waste time on creating a bad example when it's just a minor piece of a bigger thing I'm building on a tight time deadline!

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Christy Tucker

Well, this is one of the classic examples of "clicky clicky bling bling." It might give you some inspiration at least. You could try emailing Kevin to see if he still has the files and would be willing to share, although I think this might not convert as well.