Arabic Language Instructional Design Trainers for Storyline 3

Dear E-Learning Heroes Community:
I hope that this is an acceptable request to make here.
I am leading a project where we are trying to introduce e-learning to a government training institution in an Arabic-speaking country that trains around 60,000 individuals with about 200 in-classroom courses. The institution hopes to gradually start developing e-learning courses for their 60,000 trainees with a Learning Management System which they are in the process of acquiring. 

We would like to train 8 individuals on Instructional Design and on using Storyline 3. These individuals have a background in Pedagogy but not  Instructional Design per se.

I am hoping to find experienced Arabic-speaking Instructional Designers in the e-learning heroes community who are already developing Arabic language courses on Storyline and who are willing to and capable of providing a training. 

If you have recommendations to make or feel you fit the profile please reach out to me!

All the best

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