Articulate Mobile Player Stopped Working on Android 8.1

Today I updated my Google Pixel 2 XL from Android 7.0 to Android 8.1 and now as I open the Articulate app it only displays a blank white screen on startup and gradually after few seconds it crashes itself automatically. Can anyone please assist me to get the app working normally again?

Update: I uninstalled the app performed a reboot and reinstalled the latest version of the app and it has been working just fine once again. Thank you so much for the solution Ashley.

Bikas Gaur
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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Vikas, 

I saw you also started a support case, and my colleague Renato will be in touch soon. You'll want to let him know what Articulate tool you're publishing with, and which version as that'll help us troubleshoot the issue. 

Have you already checked for any updates to the App or looked at reinstalling it? Can you also let us know if you're able to view the courses outside the app in the Chrome browser for example? If you've set it to include the AMP it'll open there automatically, but you can often redirect to the HTML5 output by changing the end of the URL to be "_html5.html" versus just ".html"

Let me know, or feel free to respond to the support case notification you got.

Alax Peter

Hey guys,

We've heard several reports that our game does not work on Android Oreo. It launches to a black screen and is unresponsive. This only happens with Oreo that just came out and no other Android version as far as we know.

We're on Unity 5.6.3. Anyone else experienced this? Is there anything special we should do to ensure Unity works on the new Android version?





Jimmy Janii

My Lenovo K8 Note is getting switched off automatically randomly at any time whenever I’m driving, sleeping or walking with phone in my pocket. Don’t know how to fix this. I have restarted my phone many times but still same problem persists. Please help me solve this issue.