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Amran Ibrahim Mohd

Yeah...Just came across the preview of Studio 12. Upon reviewing it, I wonder why we need Storyline anyway. If storyline is touted as a "Game Changer"... Studio 12 could be a "Game Winner". What separate them I think is, depending on which platform you are most comfortable working from...i.e. Powerpoint or a standalone tools. Both are a niche in their own perspective.

Could someone please  update us when the Studio 12 will be out ?

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Christina, no, the beta hasn't started yet. We've had a huge response from folks who would like to be considered for the beta, and I do see that you applied in May. (Thank you!)  Once the development team feels that the product's ready for beta, we'll begin by selecting a small group of the beta applicants to start testing it.

William Hersh

If this goes on much longer, are you going to rename the product Presenter '13?

I am only somewhat facetious. The long wait is getting a little tiring, and at some point, some of us who want things like output beyond Flash are going to start looking at other alternatives. My department loves Presenter (09) and has paid a lot of many for licenses for our faculty, but pretty soon we are going to need to move on.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi William,


I can tell you that our team isworking really hard to get the next version of Articulate Studio into your hands.

We'll keep you updated onE-Learning Heroes, Twitter, and Facebook when we have news to share. Stay tuned…


As an Articulate customer, you probably already know that we'recommitted to releasing high-quality software. I hope you can hang in there withus!