Audio in Storyline - do you use the recorder or another program??

Sep 04, 2012

Hi all

Just wondering what people are using to record their audio (narration) - do you use the recorder in Storyline or 3rd party software and why?

Also, any suggestions for getting clear, professional sounding audio would be GREAT!  Like what type of mic is best to use?

Thanks in advance for any tips/advice!


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Bruce Graham

Hi Anne,

There are a number of other "voiceover" and "microphone" threads which will show up using Search with various perspectives on a variety of subjects.

I always record externaly and Import (.wav) files.

You may also find this useful - although somewhat ironically there are places where the v/o is not so good :(

As far as mics go - condensers are usually "better" than USBs which are usually "better" than head mics, but it's all dependent on your voice, the surrounding noise, and if/whether/how you treat the sound you have recorded.


Andy Bowyer

Since I'm strictly an audio/Voice Over guy, I use a 3rd party audio package (Adobe Audition) and a Shure SM27 condenser mic with an M-Audio Fast Track Pro interface.  You'll also need a quiet recording environment that is as sound "controlled" as possible.  Remember, "sound *proofing*" is a misnomer, as unless it's specifically BUILT that way, *nothing*, strictly speaking, is sound PROOF.  But some good foam padding, or thick--and I mean THICK--blankets in a small space should suffice for your needs.

Of course, all the best equipment in the world can't disguise a poorly executed Voice Over.  To overcome that takes practice, practice, practice--or simply hiring a pro.

Gina Hoekstra

I use the free program audacity. I use it to record, then remove noise and adjust the bass/volume. I also use it for when I need to piece audio together and add in sound effects. I do this mainly so I have quick access to the file outside of the program. I also think the quality sounds better.

I bought a Blue Yeti Mic after doing a lot of research. I LOVE IT!

Fliss Steele

I have found the enviroment in which you record to be the most challenging. I use a condenser microphone and I recently added a portable vocal booth to my kit which was fairly inexpensive and seems to have improved the tone.

I have also used Audacity which was fine but I don't really want to get into all the editing involved with it.  

Michael Rosenberger

I use Garage Band or Audacity because of the effects and control I have over the audio. I then split them up to slide chunks so I have the audio file for each slide. Mic wise I love my Plantraonics USB headset, but for more serious stuff I get in out sound booth and use a small mixer (Shure FP33), an AKG 414 mic connected line it to the Mac, and recording live in Garage Band.

However, I have been using the Storyline recorder more and more for quick tutorials and such. It is very capable (again, with the Plantronics USB headset).

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