Autoplay off by default using Safari and soon with Firefox and Chrome

Feb 02, 2018

Hello Community,

I have recently encountered a problem with an e-learning course we have produced that uses a lot of voice overs (narrative).

With the new Safari update to version 11, media files (sounds and videos) are set to off by default in the browser. Therefore voice overs in your e-learning won't play unless you change your browser settings.

More, I was told that other popular browsers are moving along in the same direction.

Have any of you encountered that problem ? Are you aware of any initiative from authoring tool companies to bypass the problem ?




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Richard Watson

Michel, I did see something on that Apple is using an auto-play-video blocking feature in their new Safari browser for its upcoming macOS High Sierra desktop operating system (OSX. Version 10.13). Beta is out end of June 2017. I'm sure Articulate is watching this. It will be interesting to see where this goes. I've seen an article that explains how to stop autoplay video in Chrome via an autoplay policy setting but haven't tried it yet to see what the results are.

Google setting:


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