Avatar Maker

I know this topic has been discussed in the past. The post that I've come across have been dated.

I'm looking to create my own Avatar from a photo or using a software utility to create one to add to my training courses. I like the illustrated characters that come with Storyline. However, I would like to create more with a similar look and feel to the ones that come with SL.

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Ann Jarrett

I am also looking for the same information and the information I find is six years old.   I have to believe there is something newer.  I would like to use a real person to guide the people through the course, like a narrator.  It could be a real person or an avatar to look like this person.  Maybe I'm mixing two concepts, but am a fairly new user.  Can anyone help?

Denise Marshall

It takes some work upfront, but I use the PowToon and Vyond character creators to manually make one so I can update poses or even create an animated video in the future. This has been extremely successful with my clients so they can have an avatar that can be easily accessed and used for future training or internal marketing videos.