Best Practices & Tips for College Faculty and D2L

Apr 30, 2016


I'm doing a session on Monday for College faculty and am presenting best practices and tips on how to organize and create materials for online learning. They are implementing a new Content Management System - Desire2Learn for the fall so this is an opportunity to help standardize the layout of the content for the learners within the department to help ensure it is easy for students to navigate.

Does anyone have any resources or suggestions for things that I should include?


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Julie Stelter

Hi Meaghan,

Yes standardizing titles and organization is important for quality control but also for the students. If students see a familiar set-up in all online courses they take, they will also have more success. I design in D2L for universities and they normally have a general set-up for all classes. There is always an Overview section with a welcome video from the professor and then content is organized by weeks. The topics within D2L offer some standardization. To build on this, the course should be laid out in a certain order of topics from week to week. Not all classes can be exactly the same because of different content needs.

The important thing to convey is that there is one standard or general guideline for each course and this benefits both the instructor and the student.

Good luck!


Mohammad  Hassam

Hi Meaghan Lister,

You reminded me the discussion I had with my manager. I was working at Higher colleges Of Technologies in Dubai and we have implemented Blackboard learn as our standard learning management system (LMS). Since we migrated from another system that's why we faced a hard time convincing teachers and students to give training on this new LMS.
The best thing we did is to identify the problems in the LMS. We came up with 10 most common issues faced by every student in the college. Now, we need a place where everyone can see them so, we designed FAQs and created a sandbox in the LMS that is accessible to all students especially new students. This works very well and become one of the standard of the college. Now, we update FAQs on weekly basis.

Hope it helps.



serena willaims

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