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Hi Everyone!

Recently, I have been asked to create a lot of mini-videos and training videos rather than courses. I have typically used Camtasia but my editing skills in general are very limited.

I want to ask for training but I am not sure where to start. Can anyone recommend the best introductory course for creating videos or editing videos? Not necessarily in Camtasia - I'm open to anything. I just want to improve my skills.


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Dave McGann

If you are looking for training in "how to get the job done" and not "what technique should I use where",, I'd suggest finding the software package that best fits your needs and request training in that particular package. As every software package will have slightly different tools and capabilities .

Good luck

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Brian Duvall

TechSmith (the makers of Camtasia) have a lot of content (videos and tutorials) that teach you how to use the Camtasia product.  But they also publish a lot of content related to techniques used in video shooting and editing.  If you're more interested in the latter, check out TechSmith's blog:

Ulises Musseb

Camtasia is a good product for a lot of training and demonstrations.

Without a lot of information about your objectives, your technical infrastructure, your deployment strategy, your audience, and all other valuable information, it's difficult to know what to recommend, or even if video is the right thing to do.