Best way to embed a list into a storyline presentation

Sep 30, 2014

So I want to embed a list that a person can easily access and edit into a Storyline file so that after I hand it over, they don't need to have Storyline to make changes.  I considered Google Docs, but it has their branding on the bottom (see example).  Anyone don't something similar?  The idea would be to have a list of say, 5 Tips of the Month that could be changed by an admin.  

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Hugh Gardner

I found that to remove the google adverts and such I needed generate an embed code and then load it into Storyline via a index.html file.  I will work on it a bit more, but I have the general results I want, in a goggle doc file that I can give edit writes to the maintainer, but letting me load a nice, small 2x2 web object on the slide.  

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