best way to give external reviewers tons of images?

Apr 19, 2012

I know I've seen solutions to similar problems out on elearning heros before, but I can't seem to find any of them now.

My question is about solutions for ways to give material to smes for review.

We have about 1200 questions pulled from 4 different products that we need to give to 8 different committees (each committee gets a different set of questions) to review.  Many of the questions have images associated with them.  The images are what is causing the problem.

We currently have all the questions compiled in excel.  Our initial plan was to export the questions to word so that we could place the images with the questions there (plus, our smes prefer to edit in word than excel).

The problem in a nutshell is that our smes are external, so we can't throw everything up on a shared server, or on sharepoint, or any of the like solutions.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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David Anderson

Hi Heidi-

A lot of us use Dropbox for sharing source and published files. The concept is the same for image libraries.

Another popular file sharing service is You first zip your files, then upload to YouSendIt service. Afterwards, you get a link to share to the compressed files. The problem with some of those services is that they first require the recipient to sign up. That just adds friction which is one reason we like Dropbox so much.

Here are a couple threads and screencasts on using Dropbox for sharing.

Hosing your e-learning portfolio

Using Dropbox to share your published Articulate projects

Kevin Dowd

Thank you both.  We do use yousendit quite frequently, but for this i was hoping for a more simple solution in which I could easily upload a large number of images, and then have direct links to each of those individual images.

I think I've found a solution!   I am going to test out googledocs.  It allows me to easily upload tons of images, then I'll create word docs that will have the links to those images.  I'll create one central account for all of our smes, and  have them download the word docs, edit, and send back to us (so that we can record who made what edits, while maintaining only one login for them).  They will not have read-only rights to the images.



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