Better quality Brainshark audio?

Feb 20, 2011

Hey all, I do the narration for a client who uses Brainshark. And even when I use my studio to record the audio, it sounds compressed all to heck. Are there settings in Brainshark to allow higher quality audio?

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David Anderson

Hey Jeffrey - I've never used Brainshark but here are two documents I found for another user who asked about brainshark audio quality:

I just reviewed them and couldn't see any "publish settings" or "audio settings" for output. You might want to ask your client if they can send you some screenshots of the audio quality settings option in Brainshark. 


Andy Bowyer


I've found that .mp3s get thrashed by most software's recompression settings.  Typically I send all eLearning audio in .wav format unless the client is strongly opposed to the extra file size.

See how they feel about that, and give it a whirl.

(DISREGARD...I just followed David's links and now realize the software doesn't take .wav files as-are.)


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