Blending rapid e-learning with current training programs

Jan 04, 2011

Hi everyone -  We do a lot of classroom training and are looking for ways to use e-learning to support our current programs. Strategically, we want to move most of our programs online, but for 2011, the focus is on using e-learning to support our programs.

Most of our training is on leadership, safety and regulatory training. We have six trainers who fly to multiple sites around the country and do half-day workshops. 

What I'm looking for are some ideas, examples or even blueprints for ways we can slowly insert e-learning into those programs to support what our trainers are currently doing.

I know this is a big question but anything you can offer will help at this point.



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Carla Stewart

When we first introduced e-learning to the organization, we used it as optional pre-training. The instructors moved more of their background and theory to the e-learning courses and expected participants to be prepared to work on in-class activities.

It took a couple quarters before participants bought into it. One motivating factor was the fact those who did not take the e-learning were clearly less prepared than those who did take it. Combined with a few strategic placements of key executives in the classes, and people started taking more e-learning. No one wants to be unprepared - especially with senior leadership watching.

Shelly Cook

Another thing to consider is leveraging other technologies... webinars, discussion boards, etc. (some of which you may be able to link to from within your web based course).   If you are trying to reduce travel, you may find that web based course partnered with a discussion board provides just as rich a learning experience as being there in person.  You can also use discussion boards between courses/visits to reinforce the learning and to allow for the questions that come up once the learner is back in their real world and needs to apply the concepts taught in the class

Betina Stapleton

I am also in the process of adding online training to our current classroom curriculum. We plan to have instructor led online training instead of eLearning solutions for the students to take on their own time. Over time I am sure we will be adding eLearning to our course catalog.  Should I be able to do this using Articulate?

Betina Stapleton

There are three training options we are in the process of developing/updating

1. Traditional classroom training. PowerPoint presentation and product demos

2. Online instructor led training. Similar to traditional classroom training but offered in an 'online classroom' environment. Still using PowerPoint which would be published to Articulate. An instructor will teach the course online.

3. e_Learning or CBTs. For customers to go through class material on their on time. No instructor for this method.

Much of what I see in regards to Articulate seems to be a fit for #3.  I'm looking for a solution to fit #2 as well.  Can Articulate help me accomplish this?

Shelly Cook

Given that the online instructor led training is synchronous, then I would consider building interactive job aides or visuals out of Articulate to spice up the traditional powerpoint.  However, the primary delivery system that I would use would be something like WebEx, Go To Meeting or comparable product.   Last year, at a large gathering of leaders, we used a scenario built in quizmaker and an audience response was pretty well received.  Here's the thread where I shared it with the community.

Given that the online instructor led training is asynchronous, then Articulate is the way to go.  And, if you have Camtasia or a screen capture program, then you could record the online class, export the video footage and use it in several ways as a resource for your learners.  Hope that helps.