Book Recommendation for eLearning Script Writing

Jun 18, 2018

There are a lot of great discussions here on E-Learning Heroes about eLearning script writing, but I'm looking for a book or other training resource to help some junior instructional designers write better scripts. We do technology training, compliance training, leadership training, and more, so I'm looking for a comprehensive resource we can go through as a team to boost the overall writing skills of our group. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Dave Goodman

While awaiting input for your potential book(s), I would first determine if you have a style design for your technical courses (are these process oriented, step by step, try it, etc designs) and a similar question for your leadership level courses (are they scenario based learning, company oriented case studies, a day in the life, etc. By first answering these questions, you might then realize that you will need multiple style approaches. I would suggest that you give your team a small project, e.g., develop a matrix of course content types (compliance technical, leadership, etc) and then provide the overarching design styles that might be appropriate for each. Next, in that same matrix, create a list of approaches, e.g., storytelling, game based, discovery, perspective change (if you are doing a Harassment course, write it from the view of the person who is the alleged harasser), etc. Lastly, still in the same matrix, list out how you might design courses for microlearning, adaptive learning, immersive, etc.

Once you have a completed matrix, give one course topic, e.g., Compliance to each member in your group and have them design/develop just one brief course (10-15 screens) using different styles and approaches - independent from each other. Then regroup in 2 days and let each person present what they did and why they selected their style and approach. You will learn from each other and new ideas will start to emerge. Now you are ready to read some books - if you want - you already have the ideas.styles and approaches in your minds - be creative in what you have. Good luck.

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