Apr 16, 2015

Hello everyone,

I have a project that will hopefully be kicking off soon. It is basically a clean-up project from another vendor that will require adding some interactions and knowledge checks. It was done in or loaded to BrainShark. The end result was a 50 screen continuous video with no interactions or engagement until you get to the quiz at the end. 

From what I can tell so far, we'll have to use Studio (Presenter, Engage, Quizmaker). I don't believe Storyline 2.0 is even an option. I know you can load flash to BrainShark but I believe with some limitations such as interactivity. We are still waiting on the source files to see what we have to work with. 

My research has just started and there are still a lot of unanswered questions. If anyone has been down this road where they had to interface with BrianShark using Articulate, your advice on what can and cannot be done would be appreciated. I know there are a few threads sprinkled throughout the knowledge base but most are a few years old and the issues noted may have been resolved.

Thank you in advance,


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Nicole Legault

Hi Phil! Thanks for posting your question here... I've also done a search through past forum discussions but like you can only find threads that are several years old related to BrainShark. If you're not getting any bites here (get it?) you might want to also try cross-posting your question in an Articulate or BrainShark LinkedIn group... You might get some answers there! Best of luck!

Bob S

Ok Nicole, I'll take the bait... (sorry, couldn't help myself)

Phil perhaps I am not understanding.  Are you saying the final output needs to be hosted on BrainShark platform (Learning Cloud of whatever they call it)? Or Bright Cove or Sales Force or one of their other partner partners?

If so, and you are getting the source files anyway, maybe don't "integrate" at all.  Simply author everything in Articulate Studio bringing in the source content as needed (into the core PPT, or into Engage, etc).  The Brainshark platform accepts SCORM packages and 3rd party authored content now so this  seems fairly doable.

Does that help?

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