Breaking a long course into smaller, shorter bites

Hi, I am working on a project in Storyline 360 which is very long! I have gotten this feedback many times about courses that are mandatory to take being too long...

I need some help in figuring out how I can break the course into sections/chapters so that learners can take one part, feel like they have finished something and either go on to the next or feel okay to close and return later, hope that makes sense...

I have attached a very shortened version stripped of audio and many slides but set up the same. I had thought maybe having a scene for each topic but can't really see how that would work any better. I remembered being able to have headings in the menu, so I added them to the file I am sharing - please forgive me but all my deleting has messed up the menu a bit!

Maybe the solution is to create a Learning Plan in the LMS I use, create 6 separate modules for it. As you can see, lots of ideas running around in my head but can't find the one I want.

My thanks for any help offered.


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Sean Speake

Hi Jane,

I think you've set it up pretty well as it is - using the 3rd slide as a sort of table of contents, and allow folks to navigate through at their own pace. If there's a lot of additional content in each of the subsections (Customer Service Requirements for example), you could further sub-divide.

My experience with menus has been that if you include an onscreen equivalent (like you have on 1.3) learners are less likely to use the built in menu. In fact, unless it's required, I might remove it all together and have the Menu button take you back to 1.3. Why double up after all.

If your LMS supports it, I would definitely recommend doing 6 separate modules.

It sounds like you are definitely on the right track.