Calculations with JavaScript in SL 360

Hello all!

I just put together a prototype for a client on Debt/Spending Ratios. I'm new to Java Script, but was a little surprised at how easy it is to pick up and apply to a very practical mobile interaction. 

You can view the prototype here... 

I've also included the SL 360 file, because I've found that looking under the hood is the best way to learn. That, and I didn't want to spend hours writing a blog post with directions. ;)

Just a prototype, and thus a work in progress. But hopefully somebody can use it for a little inspiration. Share and share alike. 

Spending Ratios

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David Anderson

Hey Dan - this is the perfect place to share your examples and source files. I usually encourage challenge users (like yourself!) to post both in the challenge and here in the BBC forums. We get crossover between the two hubs but there are users how like to hang in one or the other. Nothing wrong with crossposting in ELH.