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Di van Santen

Hi David

I'm in Perth and using Articulate working part-time in a learning and development centre in a government department as well as in my own business developing e-learning courses to support learning of students with low literacy and/or Non-English-Speaking backgrounds. Would love to connect and share ideas with Aussie developers. It's a bit of a lonely ride here in Perth.

Steve Lyne

G'day David,

I'm in Tamworth and use Articulate (almost) exclusively) to develop customised training materials for different industry groups.  I'm an ex-school teacher and I'm now working on Articulate-based projects full time.

Be good to touch base sometime.

As I write, I'm currently battling with the problem of a very large client who wants i-devices to be able to access the online technical manual that I have recommended to them (using Articlate of course).  My proposal to them is pending until I can find a solution for them.

Any ideas?


Anne Pead

Hi David

Thanks for the friend request - will add you on. Am based in Melbourne - outer South Easter suburbs and currently doing my own thing with Articulate (love Storyline) - from an education and IT background but creating eLearning for all sorts of industries

Di Wilson- would love to touch base with you too and find out what you're doing education-wise as I would like to create some learning tools for local schools!